heyo, I'm skyler - your photographer!!

Family photographer for the wild and carefree and wedding photographer for those looking for a more chill experience. I’m so stoked you’re here!

I’m a natural light photographer based in San Francisco who’s passionate about documenting memories in the most authentic way possible. If you’re looking for images where every finger and hair is in place, I'm not the photographer for you. I work with clients who want more than a perfectly posed picture; they want an EXPERIENCE, an opportunity to be themselves, have fun, and to know that their story has been honestly and beautifully frozen in time.

I grew up in Minnesota - a true midwesterner at heart, and I’ve loved being behind a camera since I was in elementary school. It all began with making silly videos on my parent’s old video camera with my best friends. It was around my college years that I truly discovered my love of photography and the stories held within the images. Although I was pursuing a degree in filmmaking, I vividly remember falling in love with photographing people, specifically my parents. I would document them doing everyday tasks such as walking the dogs, feeding the animals, and cooking down maple syrup. Those photos have become treasured memories and pieces of artwork that I still cherish to this day. Over time I realized what an incredible gift it is to be able to document an honest moment beautifully and preserve it forever, which is why I became a photographer.

there's a lot more to me than taking beautiful photos

You may spot me biking up and down San Francisco’s bustling city streets

I currently reside in San Francisco and am so grateful to call this beautiful city my home! Biking, trail running, live music, and exploration takes up the majority of my free time. You may spot me biking up and down San Francisco’s bustling city streets with my partner, on our way to live music, comedy, or let’s be real…some cool dive bar. On a typical evening I’ll be curled up watching Netflix with my partner, our adopted kitty, and my 20 year old tortoise running around on the floor.

We just had our second family photo session with Skyler and we really enjoyed the experience from start to finish. The shoot itself was a sweet family moment for us and she did such a wonderful job documenting it as well as bringing my vision to fruition!

- leanne d

"we really enjoyed the experience!"

Enjoy getting to see the real me through this delightful (and somewhat awkward) video. I'm here to make sure you have an authentic and real experience, and enjoy the process from start to finish! I'm an open book, so feel free to ask me anything. Let's make magic together!

Enjoy getting to see the real me

Favorite season:

Favorite animal:

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Go to outfit:



turtle / tortoise

Burritos and margs

parent's cabin in Northern MN

T-shirt and jeans

I'm the youngest of five!

A FEW OF MY Favorite Things

fun facts about me

love to trail run

horror movie fan

I have a 20 year old tortoise

Lover of amphibians and reptiles

minnesota native

and a 5 year old kitty cat

Skyler made us feel soooooooo comfortable during shoots and everything from her creativity to her communication to her editing speed was absolutely excellent.
Would work with her again, NO QUESTION.
If you're on the fence, I'd recommend hiring her NOW before her prices go up (since she's going to be in such high demand).

- zach l.

"10 STARS! Blown away! Feel so lucky we met such a wonderful person!"

Skyler is incredibly professional and creates a natural and comfortable space. Even though I am awkward in front of the camera, Skyler made me feel completely at home and captured the joy of the moment without staging anything. She was also super patient and kind to work with!

- hg l.

"She was super patient and kind to work with!!"

Skyler is the best! My husband and me we enjoyed a session together and everything with her was great! Working with Skyler feels super natural and fun. We are from Spain and we were looking for some photographer specialized in couples/ Families to have a good memories in the future when we will come back to Spain.
 We found Skyler and the result of the session was.. I dont have enough words to describe it! AMAZING.

- Carol b

"The session was super easy and fun with her!"

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