Lifestyle Fashion Session in San Francisco

This past weekend I had the chance to take my very first ever Lifestyle Fashion photos for a new and aspiring lifestyle blogger. Ruchi reached out to me a few weeks ago, inquiring about whether I took lifestyle fashion photos. Honestly my first thought was, “No, that’s not really my niche.” But I chose to move forward regardless to get a better idea of what she was looking for and see if we might be a good fit. Plus most creatives are always looking for new ways to stretch their creative mind and this was a perfect option for that!


We met at the Blue Bottle coffee shop at the corner of Fillmore and Jackson Street at 7:15 in the morning. I made sure to have a hot latte waiting for her when she arrived so she felt energized to power through our morning shoot! We took a few shots at the overlook over the city and then walked around the block. We then hopped in our cars and drove down Fillmore to this cute little urban park near O’Farrell’s crossing. I didn’t realize there was even a park there until the day before. (I scouted the locations in more depth with my boyfriend on Saturday. When scouting in the city, I always like to turn it into a fun biking adventure. 🙂 )


Our final stop was Union Square. Unfortunately it was around 10am by this time and the sun was out full blast. Harsh shadows and lots of people made finding ideal locations a little bit more difficult and Ruchi was getting tired. I’m still really happy with the few shots we managed to capture there, especially the ones near one of the large heart sculptures! Ruchi absolutely rocked it in front of the camera the entire time! She was playful and took all of my silly directions super well.


Check out some of my favorite photos from the session and be sure to leave Ruchi some love!


Enjoying that delicious Blue Bottle coffee on Fillmore Street.

I love this little series right here.

And can I just point out how perfect her hair is in this shot on the right? And LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!! She ROCKED them!

I may have gotten a little bit carried away with this first outfit. It was early and we were just warming up. So we had to move a little faster for the other three, hahahaha.

The shots above and directly below were all shot at that little urban park on Fillmore and O’Farrell in San Francisco. I feel like you could do an entire session there. There are MANY more photos but these are just my personal favorites. 🙂

Sooooo this outfit above was my favorite. (Could you have guessed that? How well do you know me? 🙂

The two images below might be my FAVORITE from the entire shoot. And this was Ruchi’s idea to shoot by the heart! I thought the lighting was wonky at first, but I was able to get down low so the sun was directly behind the top of the heart. The glow on her face is from all the natural reflectors surrounding her. It was perfect!

I hope you enjoyed! Remember to leave Ruchi some love in the comments section. 🙂

Peace out girl scout!



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