Business and Personal Goals for 2023

Here we go again! 2023 is here and I find myself reviewing the past year, re-reading through my 2022 goals and setting intentions and goals for 2023. After reviewing my 2022 goals, I have decided to incorporate more personal goals this year instead of focusing so much on my business.

I’ve also noticed that after I set my goals, I infrequently look back at them throughout the year. Therefore, in an effort to hit more of my goals this year, I am also adding a step where I create a digital vision board that I use as my computer background. I’m excited to incorporate a visual element to my goal setting this year since I am a visual artist and frequent reminders are extremely helpful when trying to hit a goal!

Scroll to the bottom to see the final draft of my 2023 vision board that I set as my computer background.

Anyway, let’s dive in!

  • Become an SEO “wizard.”

This is such a crucial part of running a successful small business and one that I haven’t put much energy into until recently. I’m excited to make that a focus in 2023 so that I can reach new clients!

  • Focus on connecting with my Instagram followers + IG growth.

Instead of focusing strictly on the numbers, I want to focus more on connection + general growth. This can include follower numbers, direct messages, IG story interactions, views, likes, etc. In the past I’ve tended to yo-yo with my online presence (super present one week, hardly there the next…) so my goal in the coming year is to focus more on consistency and connecting with the followers that I do have in an effort to grow business.

  • Gain 100 followers on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform I began working with just a few months ago and I can already see the potential. My goal is to expand my reach and start finding new clients through Pinterest. Since I am still relatively new on Pinterest, I decided a number goal was a good place to start!

  • Book at least ten senior portrait sessions this year.

Simple and to the point. I want to work with more high school and college graduates!

  • Attend a photography conference/shootout. 

I’m a little bummed I wasn’t able to make this happen last year. It was definitely not for lack of trying. I’m determined to make it happen this year but also want to find the right conference/shootout that is aligned with me and my business goals.

  • Share more sustainability-related tips and resources.

My plan is to make it clear to my audience that sustainable life practices are really important to me, but not in a super stickler or judgemental kind of way. My goal is to lead by example and inspire people to make small sustainability-fueled lifestyle changes.

  • Build my tortoise a new pen.

We live in a tiny apartment and Georgia (my tortoise) spends most of her time running around on the apartment floor. I plan to build her a new enclosure that she loves. 🙂

  • Make improvements in our apartment space.

This includes replacing our bed frame, putting more art on the wall, investing in larger pots for our plants, hanging plants from the ceiling, and maybe, just mayyyybe figuring out a way to put curtains over our windows. (I don’t think we’re allowed but it would be sooo much better than the tapestry we pin up every evening!)

  • Consistently read before bed or at least every day.

I find that reading before bed on a regular basis opens my mind up to new ideas. It’s easy to hyper-focus on……I want to make this more of a habit!

As I write this blog post and create my vision board at the same time, I notice more and more things coming to the top of mind. Things like spending more time outside – hiking, camping, and backpacking – or creating passive income through online products and resources, maybe even running the San Francisco marathon. (That’s been on my bucket list since I moved to the Bay Area.) But for now I will leave the list where it is.

It can be overwhelming if you set too many goals at the start of the year and I while I planned to cut the number down this year, I still listed nine! Thankfully a few of these goals can be accomplished in less time than others. The cool thing about the vision board is that I created it for free on Canva so I can go back and update it throughout the year if I want to change some of the goals. *Please note that not all of the images on the board are my own.*

We’re just a few weeks into 2023 and I’m already really happy with what January has brought! I’m super excited to be working towards these new goals in 2023. Setting goals and intentions at the start of every year has become one of my favorite rituals and I look forward to hitting more of my goals in 2023!

Check out my vision board below!

2023 Vision board

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January 12, 2023

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