Sunset Family Photo Session at Rockaway Beach

This family session was literally SO MUCH FUN! When they contacted me about a family photoshoot, I knew their session was going to be something super special right away. Mom was already thinking about location ideas and expressed how she loved that I like to keep my sessions fun and relaxed when working with families. She even mentioned capturing the “joy and chaos at this time in our lives.” I mean, that’s LITERALLY EXACTLY what I want to do for my clients! While I don’t have children myself (yet), I work with them for 8 hours every day. I totally understand the beauty and chaos that comes with being around children. And it really is so beautiful. And from what I’ve heard, it goes by quickly. Anyway, I’ll hop off my soapbox now. 😀

After some discussion and a little bit of location scouting on my end, we landed on Rockaway Beach for their family session location. And WOW! It did not disappoint!

Every member of this family was SO adventurous and playful! They were truly present with one another throughout their family session. They even brought dinosaurs for the kids that made some great cameos in their images! When we made it to the beach, their shoes came off immediately. Their elder daughter loves the ocean so Mom and Dad took turns running back and forth with the crashing waves. Eventually Dad and her were just in it while their younger daughter was covering herself in sand… 😀 It was incredible.

I am so grateful to have captured these unforgettable memories of this family. They were so much fun to work with! Literally, future family goals. Please enjoy scrolling through some of my favorite images from this session!


The dinosaurs… 😀 But really, I love it when parents bring toys for their kiddos. It tells the story of their life in this moment of time. Honest and genuine.

The above group family photos are probably my favorite! Pure love and joy. AND dinosaurs. 😀


I love her expressions in these images, she’s so energetic!!

Can’t get enough of that sister love. 🙂

These images of Mom and daughter make my heart swell. Also, boop!!

2 things. 1: Notice the dinosaurs in Mom’s back pocket and 2: The daughter below is totally celebrating because we are “going to the ocean!”

First we need to get all bundled and ready for wind and spitting waves.


In the above right and below images, Mom and daughter are saying, “Skyler! Watch out for the waves!” But I reassured them that anytime my feet get wet or my butt gets dirty, it’s a sign of an epic session. I LOVE this stuff!

If you have followed me for a little while, I’m sure you’ve seen the image of Edie above. If I HAD to choose a favorite from this session, it would be the above image. But only if I had to pick just one, because I’m in love with so many images from this session. I mean, just LOOK at the image below. *Insert heart eyed emoji.*

Future family/couple/parenting goals seen below.

“Oh hey ma, just tryin’ out this here sand. It’s pretty neat!”

Two more favorites below. The younger daughter in the sand and the sweet details of the rainbow on her undies. (Onesie? Sorry, my baby clothing lingo isn’t up to snuff cause I haven’t had my own…yet.)

While she played in the sand, Dad and older sis hit the waves. I could totally see their eldest being a surfer and/or marine biologist.

There are a LOT of photos of Dad and daughter in the water, just a forewarning. And this isn’t even the full gallery! Like I said, impossible to pick favorites from this day!

Just look at how wet Dad’s pants are in the below photo! 😀

The light flares on this candid family moment below are *insert starry eyed emoji* (in my opinion). Another favorite. 🙂

I couldn’t help but end with a few images of Mom and Dad. This family. <3


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January 25, 2022

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