What to Wear for your Maternity Photoshoot

What to Wear for your Maternity Photoshoot | Skyler Maire Photography

As a San Francisco-based maternity photographer, I understand the myriad of emotions that can accompany pregnancy: anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and maybe even a lack of control. You might be so stoked on documenting your pregnancy and have already scrolled Pinterest numerous times in search of the perfect outfit inspo. If that’s you, that’s freaking awesome!

If that’s not you, that’s totally okay, too. 😉 I’m here to support you in this endeavor to make the process as fun and simple as possible!

I’ve put together some maternity clothing suggestions tailored to both outdoor and indoor settings below. These tips on what to wear for your maternity photoshoot aim to streamline your outfit selection process to ensure you’re feeling stoked leading into the session. I hope you find them useful! And please don’t hesitate to drop any questions in the comments section below.

What to Wear for Outdoor Maternity Photos

When planning an outdoor maternity photoshoot, you’ll want to consider the natural surroundings at your chosen location as well as the weather conditions. Here is some outfit inspiration and tips to help you look and feel amazing during your outdoor maternity session:

  1. Flowy Dress: A flowy dress is one of the most popular outfit choices for maternity sessions. They’re comfortable, flattering, provide shape to your belly and movement in the wind. Flowy maxi dresses in soft, lightweight fabrics are great options. Opt for something that cinches above your bump, or even consider a wrap-style dress! Anything that accentuates your bump while providing comfort and movement.
  2. Earth Tones: Choose earthy and neutral tones such as soft browns, sage greens, or dusty blues that complement the natural backdrop of outdoor settings. These colors will harmonize beautifully with the surrounding landscape and create a timeless, organic look.
  3. Bohemian Vibes: I admit it, I love Bohemian vibes at maternity sessions! 🙂 Embrace your inner goddess with flowy skirts, cute blouses, and floral prints. You could even add a flower crown or wide-brimmed hat to enhance the boho-chic aesthetic.
  4. Jeans & Simple Shirt: I personally love the practicality and simplicity of denim pants and a cute top. Try not to overthink it – a simple tank top, button down shirt, or cozy sweater are all great options! You can even mix and match throughout the session!
  5. Overalls or Jumpsuit: Want something a little outside the box? Pair a comfy set of overalls with your favorite shirt, or opt for a maternity jumpsuit! Comfort and mobility are important, and of course you want to feel amazing while wearing it!
  6. Layering: You’ll want to ensure you’re warm enough for your outdoor maternity photos, so plan to bring layers in case of unpredictable weather. Pair a cozy cardigan or denim jacket with a simple dress or pants for a stylish yet functional look.

What to Wear for Indoor Maternity Photos

For indoor maternity photoshoots, focus on creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. I personally love it when mamas are willing to show a little bit of skin, but that’s completely optional and up to you! Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas for indoor settings below. Keep in mind that many of the outdoor maternity outfit tips can apply to an indoor setting as well!

  1. Form-Fitting Dresses: Showcase your curves and celebrate your baby bump with a form-fitting dress that hugs your figure in all the right places. Choose soft and stretchy fabric to ensure comfort and mobility during the session.
  2. Show Some Skin: If you are comfortable, I encourage you to embrace your femininity with lingerie-inspired maternity outfits. Lace, sheer fabrics, and pieces with delicate embroidery are all great options. A fitted slip dress or underwear set paired with a cozy robe or a knit cardigan give off sensual yet cozy vibes. Don’t like lace? That’s fine! A sporty set of undergarments or boy shorts will do the trick. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and that truly feels like you.
  3. Cozy Knits & Button Downs: Stay cozy and comfortable during your indoor maternity photoshoot by incorporating cuddly knits or button down shirts into your outfit. Oversized sweaters, chunky cardigans, and your partner’s favorite work shirt add great textures and layering to your images, while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

A few final tips:

  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a fabulous place to search for maternity clothing inspiration. I highly recommend doing some research, notice what you like, and start pulling pieces from your closet.
  2. Simple is OK! Try not to overthink it. Sometimes the simplest outfits look the best because they highlight your natural beauty. Comfort > Style everyday!
  3. Talk to your photographer: If you’re unsure about what colors and outfit choices are the best for your session, simply reach out to your photographer and ask for their input. I alway allow my clients to send me photos of their outfits ahead of time so I can give them feedback if they want it!

Remember, the most important thing is to choose maternity outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable, and like yourself. Whether you’re adventuring to the great outdoors or documenting intimate moments at home, your maternity photoshoot is a celebration of this magical time in your life, and your outfit should reflect that joy and excitement!

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Dreaming of documenting your maternity photos in the Bay Area? I would be honored to be part of your journey! Whether in home or outdoors, my passion lies in authentically and joyfully documenting this transformative experience for parents. Feel free to learn more about me, and if you think I’m the right photographer for you, then inquire with me and let’s start talking about what you envision when it comes to your maternity photos. Until then, check out more maternity sessions and educational resources on the blog for inspiration!


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