Sunset Family Session at Rodeo Beach

I am so excited to share this sunset family photo session at Rodeo Beach with you guys! It is looong overdue. (This session took place in April!)


I know the Quinton’s from my school. I actually had Avery, their eldest, in my classroom the first year working as an assistant at Montessori de Terra Linda. She was (when I wrote this blog post) in 8th grade and at school with my brother(!!) who’s a Junior High teacher, but is now in High School. (Funny how my students head to him after they graduate elementary school.)


This family photo session was SO much fun and not just because I know all four of them through my school. This family is a great example of my “ideal client.” They are playful, unafraid to laugh at themselves and one another, kind, and just super down to Earth. They showed up wearing the best color coordinated outfit for a beach session I could have dreamed. Everyone was down to run and laugh and play in the sand and water. They took off their shoes and went barefoot in the sand. They tackled each other in a family “pig pile” (as my family called it growing up) and then laid in the grass and gazed dreamily at the moon. Talk about a delightful session. Oh! AND they gave me homemade, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies at the end. They just get me, ya know?


Thank you Katie, Justin, Avery, and Ronan for being such phenomenal models. I hope you love these images as much as I do.





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